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Welcome to my brand new website. I'm excited to share with you my most popular and latest illustrations and products.. For even more of my artwork, feel free to explore my Pinterest account. Stay tuned for new collections and illustrations, which will be regularly published, starting now.


My online shop is now open and the products that's available is ready for sale. We offering worldwide shipping for art prints, including posters, framed posters and canvases. Additionally, you'll have the option to download high-quality digital images and access to free downloads opportunities. Please be patient as we put the finishing touches in place – it's just around the corner! 

Delivery options and payment methods are generous and flexible. Browse my product gallery and start selecting new favorites you won't find anywhere else. My main priority is to make sure that everyone who buys, downloads or order a commission from me, get the the e best services ass possible, high quality products and delivery on time. I build up a team of trusted co workers and integrated the best print on demand company, that automatically takes care of all orders, products and shipping measurement. For questions, comments or suggestions, don't hesitate to contact me. 

"Art, to me, is a continuous journey of growth, a process of exploration that leads to the discovery of new perspectives and ideas."


Every artwork you encounter here is original and made by me, the artist. I create art with the use of artificially intelligence, graphic design and creativity. My own passion lies in the combination of words and visuals, where my personal art knowledge intertwines with the potential of this new art tool and my own personal growth in learning something new.  Modern technology is an ongoing progress that puch people to get use to a new or different way of looking at thing, and within lies the opportunity for new creations and art forms that hasn’t been possible before. Together, let's celebrate the power of creativity in the digital age and the beauty within a brand new art form and its possibilities.

I am 35 year old woman from Norway, happily married and a proud mom to my four kids. My profession and career lies within the healthcare system. I work at night within a lovely group of colleagues, where we take care of and help a wide group of vulnerable and sick people in our community. On a personal plan i am a restless, creative and engaged woman who always has a hobby, project or interest that occupies me. I am also a mixture of introvert and extrovert who have a little trouble understanding social codes but at the same time am able to read and adapt to my fellow human beings quite easily. I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was 18 years old and have learned to lived with this diagnosis with its ups and downs. It is a rollercoaster. I choose to take medication daily in order to work optimally for those around me and ease my thoughts and restlessness a little.

My great strength and burden in life is my ability to hyperfocus. It is a remarkable thing that I unfortunately have no control over, but which gets me into a universe of different interests and the ability to concentrate so hard and deeply on a topic that I usually is thinking, planning and working with that specific topic every second of the day, and has a working capability that is totally insane compare to the majority of people. But at the same time my hyper focus stands in the way of being  the good mother, wife and friend i want to be and what they deserve, that balance is quite hard.


My joy of creating art is enormous and I simply love the hole prosess within. The new opportunities   that evolves from modern technology is huge and are moving faster than many people understand.  What you see here is the result of many months of creating after being introduced to AI, and how my art has generated through pinterest. Which until now has  grown with over 5 million monthly visitors and over 1k followers in just a month. I am humbled and still a little amazed that there are so many people who like what I make and that this interest continues to rise day by day.


        Please get in touch if you have any question or preference that i can help you with.


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